10 Best Office Productivity Tools We Can’t Live Without in 2022

by Amy Bridgewater

You may work in an office, yet you yearn to spend time outside with your friends or family. You condemn wasting time on meaningless busywork because you want to spend your time wisely on both work and the important people. With each task, you strive for efficiency. 

But productivity isn’t something that happens by chance. It is always the outcome of a dedication to quality, smart planning, and ongoing work.

I want to add another factor that assists people in being more productive: productivity tools. Because times have become a little too competitive, it makes sense to use one of the many productivity tools on the market to balance both your work and personal life.

Here is an updated list of 2022’s 10 best office productivity tools that can enable you to work better, in a more organized manner, and quicker than before.

GMass is a Gmail-based mass email, mail merging, and follow-up email tool. You can even keep track of opens and clicks. I’ve only recently begun testing with this. However, having a mass email feature in Gmail is quite convenient. Finally, GMass allows you to send up to 50 emails every day for free.

This program doesn’t require much of an introduction. It’s taken the business world to another level, but in case you’re not familiar with it, here’s a rundown of what it is. Slack is a chat app that organizes message threads into private and public channels. Messages can be remarked on, allowing message threads to focus on a specific issue rather than rambling about various topics. 

This is one of the most effective productivity tools for managers, who must structure teams and maintain smooth communication within and between them. It includes a tonne of third-party integrations, so if you use Google Drive, Trello, or anything else, there’s probably an option that will make your life easier.

Toggl enables tracking the hours a team or a single user clocks to get things done quickly. Many project collaboration and management applications, such as Google Drive, Asana, and Trello are fused with its service. 

Toggl is available in three different ways: 

  • Through your browser, a desktop program, or native iOS and Android apps.
  •  Create reports to examine how you spend your time 
  • Tracks how you can maintain maximum productivity 

This tool works offline and allows you to start tracking time without opening a new tab. It comes with a detection alarm and a timer to boost your productivity. 

Hubstaff is a time-tracking application that is used by remote teams. Its time tracker is available as desktop software or a mobile app, making it simple to keep track of time. You can charge clients, pay staff, receive detailed reporting, and much more after monitoring the time.

You can also track who is working on what by using randomly generated screenshots. This tool lets you track your employees’ mouse movements and keyboard strokes by keeping a count of them.

Chanty is the solution for you if you wish to communicate with your team more efficiently. You can send voice notes, make calls, video calls, and screen share with your colleagues or friends in addition to text communications. Chanty has a project management function that transforms your messages into tasks within the app and manages them all.

RescueTime measures how much time you spend watching videos and other distractions vs. how much time you spend doing real, undisturbed work. The software reliably finds flaws in your daily struggle, provides advice on becoming more productive, and has powerful built-in capabilities to keep you focused on the tasks at hand as intended side effects. However, taking action (i.e., enabling remedial features to save time) is totally up to you.

When you need to develop an image-based project quickly, few solutions work as well as Canva. Whether it’s to create an illustration, a template poster, a proposal deck, a customized image for an article online, or a social media graphic, millions of people utilize Canva’s easy-to-use UI with its drag-and-drop component collection.

The drag-and-drop UI makes the creation process quick and simple. It is completely free to use the asset library (templates, icons, shapes, fonts, and millions of stock pictures). The site offers a comprehensive and constantly updated knowledge resource for everyone who wants to improve or learn more about design (articles, tutorials, and tips).

Asana is one of the finest proven performance solutions available on the market, mostly preferred by tech publications. This is because this software makes tracking, managing and completing workflows, and assignments convenient for teams. Everything a company needs to stay efficient (plans, notes, to-do lists, calendars, etc.) are all centralized in one easy-to-find location.

This tool makes planning easier and helps you reach your monthly targets real quick. Compared to main competitors, it is relatively inexpensive (free for extremely small teams).

Productivity can be affected by paper-based corporate operations. Adobe Document Cloud enables you to accomplish the complete digital shift, designed to track, share, sign, save, and handle documents more quickly, with fewer errors, and across multiple channels, including smartphones.

Everyone can use the Fill & Sign tool for free. Among the numerous services included in the paid subscription are Adobe Send (a tool for creating, sharing, and evaluating interactive forms such as surveys) and FormsCentral (a platform for generating, sharing, and analyzing interactive forms such as surveys).

It’s a digital note-taking program for laptops and smartphones that works on any device or platform. With the general sense of pen to paper, it has you covered to type, scribble, or draw. It’s useful for taking impromptu notes. All you have to do now is choose a notebook, a section, and a new page, and you’re ready to go!

It works best with audio/video recording in real-time collaboration. Also, it can recognize optical characters in images.


These are some amazing productivity tools that can help you get your work done, reach out to leads, save time, and communicate with your team. Remember, productivity is a method to estimate how much value you can create by investing your time, effort, money, and other resources.

The mentioned tools will help you prioritize what needs to be done, discover the most efficient ways to do it, and generate maximum value by focusing on what matters, depending on how you define value in different settings.

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