10 LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Your Business’ Organic Reach

by Amy Bridgewater

For businesses that market online, you need to be on LinkedIn. Whether you work at a small shop or run marketing for a Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is perhaps the most powerful online channel available to business today. A report suggested that almost 96% of marketers indicated that LinkedIn is important to their marketing efforts.

In today’s digital marketing world, targeting the most optimal audience for each individual campaign can be challenging especially on social platforms. But LinkedIn is an unwavering investment into your organization due to its ability to keep you connected with potential buyers and decision-makers in a more personal way. 

However, in spite of this importance, how can you ensure your company is ahead of the curve and utilizing LinkedIn for marketing? Here are 10 tips & tricks to get your business started managing its organic reach on LinkedIn with professional quality.

1.   Keep an updated business profile

This is an easy one. Be sure to keep the information on your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and accurate so that you can ensure turning heads and tap into your network of similar businesses. Would you contact a business with outdated information? So, you need to update all your offerings.

Here’s an example of a business page that has complete information vs. a page that has incomplete information:


2. Keep posting something new and interesting

Experiment with different kinds of content at different times, use different kinds of language and style, add pictures, make videos, add gifs and emojis. If all else fails, remember what works best might always be changing! LinkedIn currently offers the following options while posting content:


3. Engage with people

Remember not just to promote your product or service all day long. Interacting with people is an important part of this process too. To increase the chances of someone seeing your post, you can also comment on related posts by other businesses. This is a type of non-promotional social engagement. It’s good for your presence online because it makes you more personalized and easy to talk to for future connections.

4.    Use proper keywords

Experts suggest that you should research and learn how to optimize for keywords to boost your organic reach. People need to discover your profile when they search the most relevant search words, so if you want to connect with relevant audiences, having a little bit of SEO best practices can help.

5.    Videos are a great way

A great way for a company to enhance its marketing strategy is by posting videos as much as possible. While most people may not be interested in reading a ton of text, they are more than happy to watch a video about your product.

 Great videos also put the viewer at ease and let them know something positive is going on with your business. Videos can also help another person form an opinion about you before they reach out to ask questions or talk about what they’re looking for/want from your business.

6.    Use Hashtags properly

Unlike hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, those used on LinkedIn are different. Most companies use hashtags to generate more views for their posts and potentially pick up new followers and leads. But remember: not everyone will click the hashtag, so allowing the post itself to be easily understood by others is just as important.

You can also follow hashtags related to your business on Linkedin:

7.    Join industry groups

This is not to mention interacting with professionals, which involves chatting with fellow professionals, most likely working in your favorite industries. Stay involved in a community of experts by getting active with relevant industry groups that produce a constant stream of valuable data to comment on and build thought leadership around.

8.    Be human

Finally, it’s important to remember that you’re a living, breathing human being who lives and works with other humans. Think about the kinds of people you’d like to be with and work with yourself — would you respond well if someone came to you bragging about their company? Probably not. Stay true to the values and beliefs that give your team its identity as you speak from the heart about them on social media.

9.    Be friendly with your employees

Just as your business succeeds by attracting and retaining consumers, your company page will also benefit from drawing people in. It is crucial to keep your employees satisfied as such employees tend to be the biggest boosters of your Facebook page; that’s why hiring at their best and treating them like family benefits everyone who works there and even those who hear about it.

10.  Promote your content on other social media platforms for organic reach

In order to get the most out of your LinkedIn content, you should make a point to add cross-promotion from other social media sites to your content calendar. For every post, video, or article you share on LinkedIn, make sure there is a corresponding post you share on another platform or network.

So, maximize your reach on LinkedIn with these tips and make the most out of the best B2B platform.

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