10 Tips To Eliminate Distractions & Stay Focused

by Amy Bridgewater

As a writer, distraction is something I encounter often. I imagine it’s the same for many content creators, one minute you’re in a “flow state” and the next minute, you’ve unconsciously picked up your phone and are scrolling Instagram or Facebook without even realizing it.

It’s quite easy to blame external factors to distract us from our creative flow. However, we forget the most important factor that is causing the distraction, and that is our own mind.

Focus is always taken as a key to success along with consistency and hard work.  But the point is how to keep your focus and how to eliminate distractions?

Today I will give the 10 best-practiced tips to eliminate your distractions and stay focused in your life. As we all know it is the biggest hurdle between our goals and our future. 

Staying focus also helps you in the following critical areas:

  • It decreases stress and anxiety while increasing your productivity.
  • If you stay concentrated for longer periods, you can better manage your time, and become more productive.
  • Building your concentration muscle will also help you improve your attention, confidence, and help you achieve your goals more quickly.

10 Tips to Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions

The importance of concentration is undeniable. Follow my 10 actionable formulas to help you stay focused and avoid distractions. You will witness visible improvement yourself. 

  • Plan your everything a night before

If you plan ahead of time in the evening, you’ll feel more focused and productive in the morning. Make it a habit to filter down your top priorities for the next day as part of your nighttime routine. 

  • Improve your sleep routine

Having a good nightly routine can help you focus on your most critical tasks for the day. This guarantees that you get more focused and stay organized in the morning. 

  • Set defined goals

Goals help you concentrate better. So having defined, quantifiable goals helps you focus on what you can do now. It’s easy to become sidetracked and stressed when you don’t have any goals. 

It becomes much easier to keep focused on the results you want to achieve when you make progress on your defined goals. Concentrating your attention and focusing on small and important goals will help you out

  • Take more Breaks

You will lose productivity and your capacity to concentrate if you are too busy to take a break. Start taking work breaks if you want to stay focused for extended periods. So that you can return feeling energized and productive.

It’s simple to become tired, exhausted, or fatigued if you don’t take breaks. Working for long periods without taking a break affects focus and leads the mind to exhaustion.

  • Surround yourself with motivation and a positive work environment

Make sure your workplace is tidy and silly distractions are not present. A tranquil environment will allow you to focus for a longer time by improving your concentration span.

Creating an environment that encourages you to stay focused while eliminating clutter and distractions will enhance your productivity immediately. It’s easy to become sidetracked and lose focus when you have a lot of physical and mental clutter around.

  • Procrastination leads to demotivation

You know you should do something, and you keep putting it off in hopes that it’ll go away. This delay leads you to demotivation and is very common.

You lose attention and concentration when you procrastinate. You will also squander time and energy as a result of it. So do not procrastinate. It is a bigger illness than you think.

  • Control your inner distractions

Internal distractions are one of those issues that you simply cannot avoid. To learn how to not get distracted, you must find techniques to prepare your mind for work and simple strategies to keep it from wandering to non-essential thoughts.

  • Improve your discipline by focus practice

You can increase your general discipline by doing a few focus exercises. The first is meditation, which is essentially a practiced definition of focus. It’s a fantastic way to improve your focus, de-stress, and get more control over your emotions.

  • Manage your momentum

Momentum acts as a disciplinary lubricant, making it easier to keep sticking to goals. That is why I believe we must never take actual vacations from our objectives; otherwise, we will lose momentum and have to rely on discipline to get back on track.

This means we must do something meaningful every day to advance our objectives.

  • Unplug yourself from life

Non-work and screen hobbies can assist you to free up your mind so you can focus on a new task later. Consider exercising out, going on a run or a bike ride, playing sports, completing puzzles, or playing chess for at least 30 minutes each day. Always keep in mind that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. When the body is unwell or the mind is depressed, it might be difficult to concentrate.

Distractions are everywhere in our life these days, even if they are as simple as a quick beep emitted by a notification on our mobile phones. Because the distractions that surround us aren’t going away, learning to conquer them is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Give a try at the above-mentioned tips.


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