10 Trending Types of Content Marketing You Need to Use Now

by Amy Bridgewater

The truth is that there are a variety of content marketing trends, each with its own set of advantages. Understanding the many sorts of content marketing is vital since it expands your digital marketing portfolio. Furthermore, knowing how to use each one successfully is essential to develop a coherent general content marketing plan.

Continue reading to discover the many trends of content marketing to utilize each one to increase your profitability.

10 Trending Types Of Content Marketing

1. Blogging

Building your brand and increasing web traffic with blogs is a fantastic method of content marketing. A well-thought-out blog strategy allows you to concentrate on the issues and themes that matter to your potential readers. Long-form material is an excellent approach to solve problems, provide answers, and create expertise in your field.

Another advantage of blogs is that it emphasizes the individuality of your company. If your business is inventive, insightful, or humorous, writing allows you to exhibit your character.


2. Success stories and case analysis

Process content marketing is demonstrated via case analysis and success stories. They’re a highly successful approach to creating prospects. When leads read about other customers’ success stories, it gives readers brand awareness and makes it possible to choose.

To put it another way, customers get the impression that you’ve done this previously and that they may expect similar outcomes. The increased cost, increased offerings, and case analysis are highly significant. This form of content focuses on marketing effectiveness while minimizing the danger of huge expenditure..


3. Feedback and client testimonials

Feedback and client testimonials are distinct types of social proof-based content marketing. They notably help overcome any concerns from customers and lower their perceived risks. User reviews on third-party platforms such as Facebook or Google are very important for content.

When a search engine sees a lot of favorable reviews for your company, it knows its credibility. If the website should be positioned top of the search results, then companies with less favorable ratings. On your main page, you should proudly feature feedback and client testimonials.

OptionMonster used this sort of marketing in one of their campaigns:

4. eBooks and white papers

White papers and eBooks are excellent tools for establishing innovative solutions, gaining industry reputation, customer acquisition, and positioning oneself as a specialist. This enables you to gain insight into a topic and give additional, comprehensive descriptions than you could in a blog article.

Write white papers and eBooks when you have a lot of information or a unique perspective on an issue. When it comes to white articles and eBooks, it’s critical to distribute high-quality material that meets the expectations of those who take the time to acquire it.


5. Manuals and journal articles

Journal articles and manuals are excellent tools for establishing innovative solutions, gaining industry reputation, customer acquisition, and positioning oneself as a specialist. This enables you to gain insight into a topic and give additional, comprehensive descriptions than you could in a blog article.

When you have a lot of information or a different view on an issue, write research papers and manuals. This form of content marketing strategy works incredibly effectively. You’ll need to educate clients on the difficulty they’re having, the cure you provide, and why you’re a better option than a rival at this time.


6. Video content

Visual content has grown extremely important as a content marketing approach. Following are some benefits of using videos in your content: 

  • Videos may increase traffic by 30 percent. 
  • For about 90 percent of video advertising, video has aided in the generation of leads. 
  • Eighty-four percent of individuals have been persuaded to buy a product or service after watching a company’s video. 
  • According to 70 percent of marketers, video offers a greater ROI than Digital Advertising.

According to 90 percent of video marketers, video has a favorable return on investment, you just need to know how to make a suitable one.

Video content is great because it helps you to interact with your target audience in a vivid, interactive way that other kinds of material do not offer.

Here’s a great example by Zenreach who are using captions throughout their video even for users who watch with the sound turned off:

7. Illustrations

Illustrations and infographics enable you to rapidly and effectively show a large quantity of data, such as numbers, charts, happenings, and timetables. They may be used as single kinds of information which are shared publicly. They can also complement textual data, such as a blog article or a fact sheet.

Illustrations are well-suited for promotion strategy, and fascinating ones are likely to be extensively shared. Pictures also don’t have to be huge to be interesting. Micrographics may sometimes be even more effective than traditional graphics


8. Media platforms

Social media might be a valuable asset in your content strategy portfolio with thousands of daily active users. The biggest advantage of social media is that it allows you to interact directly with your market. It’s a feedback mechanism that will assist you in learning what your readership is interested in and enable you to conduct straight dialogues with them to delve further.

Social networks may also be used to direct your readership to deals, discounts, and activities for select businesses. Furthermore, digital networking provides a clear way to share your material with your target audience while showing your brand identity.


9. User-generated content 

User-generated content is one of the few content marketing solutions that drive engagement (UGC). Customer-generated content (UGC) is work that promotes your business in a specific form and is produced by your consumers.

Someone taking a picture while using your goods or mentioning your company in a post are examples of this. It may be a customer who records a product unpacking experience on Instagram. It might also be your customers uploading images in answer to a contest your company is conducting.

Because it uses both word-of-mouth marketing and social evidence, UGC is mighty. UGC may help foster genuine brand love because you’re crediting people for their brand affiliation.

Starbucks uses this strategy quite often.

10. Podcasts

Podcasts are a content marketing strategy that may help you enlighten your customers and potential customers on a range of topics, including how to utilize your product to its full potential, professional perspectives on a given issue, how to address a complex challenge, and so forth. Because they feature a significant instructional component, most podcasts are longer.

So, start with these content marketing types and invest in your business for the long term.

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