10 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Promote Your Blog

by Amy Bridgewater

In my more than 10 years of experience in content marketing, I’ve learnt that creating and sustaining a great blog entails more than just writing high-quality material. Sometimes I would be including everything that a good content piece comprises, from valid information to diverse vocabulary. But this is simply not enough.

You’ll need to concentrate on blog marketing to enhance web traffic and lure more visitors to your site. Fortunately, several solutions exist that are both inexpensive and simple to execute.

Here are my 10 not-so-secret techniques that I’ve utilized at various points in time and they’ve proven quite effective:

1. Optimize your blog for search engines

Before learning how to market your blog, you need to understand how to optimize your content for search engines. Excellent SEO will substantially improve a blog’s potential to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors.

Your blog’s SEO effectiveness is influenced by the website platform and hosting service you choose. These two elements impact the overall consistency of the site experience you deliver to users.

Think about starting with a content management system when picking a host for your blog (CMS). This application makes creating and managing a website simple for non-technical individuals. It also gives you total control over the development, usability, and optimization of your website.

WordPress is one of the greatest CMSs to begin with. Many SEO tools are built-in, such as meta-descriptions, a flexible URL structure, and the possibility to utilize page names. Also, choose a hosting web service that is dependable, quick, and secure.

Also, it is essential to select a mobile-friendly design as Google utilizes mobile page load speed as a crucial parameter in evaluating a site’s search ranking. That’s why it’s critical to create a mobile-friendly blog.

2. Conduct thorough keyword research

Knowing which keywords to include in your blog posts may help enhance your site’s rating on search engines and produce significant visitors. Keyword research  may be used to find these terms.

Bloggers may use keyword research to formulate content that their readers are looking for. This procedure also indicates the number of individuals looking for a particular term and the level of competition. There are a variety of keyword research tools available. My favorite ones are Google Keyword Planner and Jaaxy.

3. Use Email Marketing

If done effectively, email marketing may be one of the most successful ways to promote your blog and convert visitors. This blog promotion approach makes it simple to alert readers of new blog entries or communicate good news. 

Personalizing messages for blog readers may help you build meaningful relationships with them, keep them engaged with high-quality material, and increase blog engagement. Building an email list, or a compilation of email accounts to send promotional content, is the first stage in email marketing. After this, create email content that will entice readers to return to your site.

This email marketing by Trulia, a real estate company is a great example of promoting your blog with clear CTAs.

4. Use social media to promote your blog

Consider sharing your blog on major social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit to gain additional exposure fast and effectively.

Not all social media sites are created equal; strive to concentrate on your target market’s most appropriate social media channels. Instagram, for example, could be the appropriate social platform for you if you’re seeking young readers.

Digital networks are a two-way communication tool that necessitates genuine participation. Keep a consistent appearance on a social media platform by beginning discussions, reacting to posts, and responding to questions, rather than simply reappearing whenever you have a new post.

Here’s an example of blog sharing by Buffer on Facebook:

5. Pay for web advertising to promote your blog

Consider employing online paid advertising to market your blog material if you have a budget to invest. This is a marketing approach in which you pay for ad space on the internet to drive traffic.

Your page may be in front of your target audience in no time with sponsored marketing. You may also check the results just after your ads go live.

Use Google Ads to market your blog using search engine marketing. Here’s an example:

6. Contribute to well-known blogs as a guest blogger

Guest blogging on other blogs is an excellent approach to market your website since it allows you to reach out to the dedicated audiences of other bloggers. This strategy also aids in establishing oneself as an authoritative figure and connecting with other specialty thought leaders.

7. Interact with other bloggers

Conducting blogger outreach is another possible blog marketing option. It’s a marketing approach that entails enlisting the support of some good bloggers or contributors to increase a blog’s exposure in exchange for a price, a backlink, a product, or a service.

Newbies may use this blog marketing approach to get high-quality backlinks, attract quality visitors, and develop their network.

8. Use social bookmarking services to promote your blog

A social bookmarking site is a place where you may read and save online pages or articles. Users may access their bookmarks from any device at any time with this feature.

Social bookmarking services are a terrific way to get new people to read your blog. When your work gets listed on a bookmarking site or shared on social media, it might result in a significant spike in traffic to your blog.

9. Use internet forums to promote your site

Joining online forums is yet another great way to promote your site. Being a member of an online community allows you to communicate with, contribute to, and add value to a specific set of individuals. Bloggers may also offer their knowledge by participating in online forums, which can help them build their expertise in an area.

Here’s an example of someone promoting an Ahrefs Blog on Reddit.

10. Look into reciprocal sharing websites

You may also advertise your blogs by using a reciprocal sharing network. To promote your blog entries using this strategy, individuals must share other users’ material on their social network profiles.

Quuu Promote is one of the most prominent reciprocal sharing platforms. This tool makes it simple to expand your following, locate amazing content to share with your followers, and connect with other bloggers.

Remember to use relevant pictures, graphics, or stock photos in your material to make it stand out.

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