5 Attributes That Can Kill Motivation: How To Identify And Remove?

by Amy Bridgewater

One morning I didn’t feel like doing anything. It was a combination of exhaustion from a few days of hard work and preparation for an upcoming event.

I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything important, which was a rare occurrence for me. I started overthinking stuff and doubting myself, and wondering whether anything I do is worthwhile. But the better part of me knew this mild state would soon pass.

And this was the point when I realized this pattern. 

What is motivation? Why do we need it? Why do we act the way we do? What incentives drive our actions? Motivation refers to the desires that drive behavior towards a certain objective. 

There are multiple biological and psychological theories that say why do we need the motivation to do something. We won’t get into much but rather our focus would be what are the factors that kill the motivation. 

A great boss has some characteristics that are universal. Within leadership, confidence, compassion, vision, and inspiration are highly sought-after qualities. While employers have the ability to stimulate and inspire their employees, they also can discourage and demotivate them.

Check your workplace for these incentive killers if you want to be sure you’re providing an atmosphere where your staff can thrive.

5 Attributes that can Kill our Motivation

Motivation can be affected by internal and external factors. Reasons can be intrinsic (arising from internal causes) or extrinsic (arising from external variables) in addition to biological motives (arising from external factors).

And being human we can change both. Here are some of the attributes that I’ve noticed in workplaces:

  • Toxic People and Negativity

If you’ve ever spent time with a truly toxic person, you know how harmful and exhausting they can be. Toxic individuals smother the positive by spreading negative. Allow them to find a new home or, if that isn’t feasible, ensure that policies and monitoring are in place to limit their harm.

  • There is no Opportunity for Professional Advancement

Everyone has to be aware that they are developing and learning. Without it, the office becomes stagnant and boring. Professional development for your staff helps them to advance in their jobs while also knowing that the company and you care about their success.

  • Failure to Praise

Affirmation is a powerful tool that is sometimes disregarded in leadership roles. Positive feedback validates and motivates employees, as corrections are important for good work. Raises, promotions, or even simple public acknowledgment of accomplishments can help to reinforce healthy work habits. Recognizing and rewarding workers’ accomplishments inspires and develops a team, and it is a strategy used by great leaders.

  • Time wastage and Inconsistency

Your employees are likely to be upset if you have a workplace where meetings are called for no apparent reason and emails are forwarded to everyone with useless material. Show folks, you care about them by appreciating their time.

Inconsistency in leadership fosters a sense of instability across the firm, from job requirements to project specifics. Employee motivation is harmed by inconsistency, which signals carelessness.

  • Bad Management

Bad leaders harm every member of their team as well as the corporation as a whole. Effective leadership is required for even the finest employees to succeed. Begin by honing your own leadership skills, then hire and nurture the finest leaders at all levels. It’s the most effective way to make your workplace a better environment for everyone.

If you identify any of these heinous murderers at your workplace, it’s up to you to do everything you can to help. Remember that exceptional individuals don’t remain in poor jobs for very long.

If you notice any of them in your daily routine you need to cut them off. If you’ve identified any of these in your workplace, remove them before they cause demotivation.

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