5 Key Tips to Defeat Your Fear and Do What You Truly Want in Life

by Amy Bridgewater

You understand what it’s like to be terrified of anything, whether it’s thunderstorms, a trip to the dentist, a stranger at your door, or the loss of someone close to you. For a great part of my life, I’ve been tremendously scared of being laughed at when I spoke in public. How I overcame it is yet another great story.

Fear is a natural response that alerts our bodies to be cautious. Anxiety is a form of fear that is more concerned with worry and the future than with dreading anything in the present.

Whatever the cause of worry, it paralyzes far too many people and hinders them from reaching their goals. From now on, we are not allowing fear to stop us from starting our hustle. 

Here are 5 methods to face your fears and make your future where nothing can stop you:

  • Be honest about how you feel

It is critical to reflect on oneself. Don’t dismiss your feelings; they’re genuine, and they’re not a sign of weakness or harm. Once you’ve accepted them and realized you have no control over your position, you may go forward.

  • Recognize and accept your fear

Fear exists in order to keep us secure. It is neither intrinsically terrible nor good, but rather a tool for making better judgments. Fear isn’t meant to keep us idle, but rather to motivate us to act in ways that produce the outcomes we want and desire. Accept fear as teaching and allow it to guide, but not dominate, your actions.

  • Concentrate on pleasant ideas

Move if you’re feeling uneasy. Move about, go outside and get some fresh air. Put on your headphones and go for a quick walk while listening to your favorite calming music (tip: skip the speed metal or gangster rap). Try to divert your focus away from whatever is concerning you. Focus on good ideas that will make you feel secure, welcomed, loved, and valued while you walk. When you’re in equilibrium, consider how fortunate and grateful you are.

  • Train your brain to quit responding to fear

This is the fear that gripples you before you make that critical call, step on stage for the first time for a keynote, or introduce yourself to the lady of your dreams. The anticipation of terror sets in, and you reach for the Jell-o.
But after you’ve done it, you realize you’re not in danger and no monster has eaten you. As a result, teaching your brain to accept that there is no threat will assist you in turning off the fear response. And it will grow easier to manage as time goes on.

  • Concentrate on being aware

Mindfulness is one of the best-kept secrets for helping busy people manage anxiety. You may practice it by actively concentrating on your emotions and nonjudgmentally welcoming any thoughts and sensations you’re experiencing at the time.

To cut it short, mental health needs to be taken seriously, and failing to maintain it can lead to major effects on your performance. If things are tumultuous right now and fear is getting the best of you, you can regain your tranquility. 

Try maintaining a diary for two or three weeks to help you face your worries and anxiety. Make a note of any trends you see. When you hear the doorbell, do your palms get clammy and your stomach clenches? Do you have greater anxiety symptoms in the morning or evening? What do you usually do when you are afraid? Make a note of anything that stands out. Writing down your fear patterns and symptoms might assist to clarify them. They are no longer as large and impassable as they formerly were.

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