5 Ways To Find The Creative Spark Within our Busy Lives

by Amy Bridgewater

You are creative, you have art, whether you’re a fine artist, a hairstylist, a dancer, an accountant, a waiter, or a pilot. Every aspect of life requires creativity; it just takes different forms. Because I know this to be true in my bones, I am fully aware of the challenges that come with tapping into this well of creativity. 

Staying busy, falling in line, keeping your head down, and getting serious are all recommended. So, screw that single-minded mental process. You can be a successful grownup while also igniting your inner creative fire. We can express ourselves, connect with others, and reduce stress by tapping into our creativity.


5 Ways to Find Creativity in a Busy Life

Find out what it is that motivates you. What makes you feel like you’re alive? Is it drawing, dancing, speaking in public, writing, creating, sewing, gardening, or cooking? Here are some ways that you can use:


1. Meditate and Allow Your Creative Spirit to Flow

Meditation is not only one of the most effective strategies to achieve profound relaxation and stress reduction, but it is also a period during which creative ideas and conceptions emerge. Every day, spend 10-15 minutes sitting somewhere peaceful and reflecting. See what comes up for you, and maybe you’ll get some ideas for a new project. 

Meditation, like creativity, differs from person to person. Determine which approaches are most appropriate for you. Candle gazing, strolling meditation, guided meditation, or simply sitting quietly in nature or at a local art gallery are all good options.


2. Experiment with Weirdness

We have to be a bit strange now and again. I strongly advise you to try something new. The world is your oyster; try a new yoga class, join a dancing club, cook a meal you’d never dreamed of, run through the woods, or enroll in a creative writing program. 

It doesn’t matter what it is; your strangeness is distinct from mine. Experiment with new things outside of your comfort zone. Allowing our creative energy to flow by breaking down obstacles and thinking beyond the box might generate fantastic ideas for your next creative endeavor. As an added bonus, it creates new brain connections and pathways!


3. Take a Trip

This is where I get the majority of my ideas. Travel always re-invigorates my inner creativity, whether I spend a weekend camping under the stars, fly across the world and backpack for two months, or purchase a cheap trip to a nearby state. 

Visiting new locations, meeting new people, and going on an adventure gives you a surge of energy and refreshes your mind. Either plan a trip or travel somewhere on the spur of the moment. Explore other cities’ streets, meet people in coffee shops, spend a day in a small bookstore, or take a long drive to think about your innermost ideas. Travel will purify your spirit and rekindle your inner fire!


4. Participate in your Community

Look for people, organizations, and groups in your neighborhood who are in touch with their inner creative energy. Meet up with them and expand your horizons by making new acquaintances and learning new ways to be creative. Creativity is ingrained in our very being. Allow others to assist you in reconnecting if you feel separated.


5. Be Resourceful

Even if you’re one of those individuals who always says, “I’m not an artist” or “I wish I was creative,” everyone should do art. Every week, set aside one hour to create something. Invite some friends over for a craft night, or get busy on your own on a Saturday afternoon.

Re-establish contact with the creative part of yourself that has been waiting patiently to emerge. In whatever you do in life, be inventive. These are just a few ideas for rekindling the fire; see what works best for you. Have fun and remember that there are no restrictions when it comes to creativity. Let your imagination go wild!

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