5 Ways To Improve Your Decision-Making

by Amy Bridgewater

Every day, we are presented with situations that force us to make decisions. Some of these decisions are simple, while others might be challenging. Simple decisions include things like what to wear; most individuals select what to wear based on the season of the year, the weather of the day.

The decisions that appear to be the most difficult are those that need a higher degree of thought. Difficult decisions include where to attend college, what job route to pursue, and/or whether or not to marry and raise a family.

Why is decision-making so difficult?

Whether decision-making is difficult or not depends on what it is about. It also depends on a person’s characteristics. It varies in gender as research shows that men are quicker at decision-making than women. And it also varies occasionally depending on the situation. 

Decisions are influenced by several crucial elements including:

  • Past experiences 
  • Range of cognitive biases
  • Individual characteristics like age 
  • Socioeconomic position
  • A sense of personal importance 

Above are all significant determinants and affect individuals’ decision-making.

5 Steps to Good Decision-Making

Being humans we always have a chance to improve ourselves. So here is my little piece of advice you can follow for better decision-making:

  • Make a Strategy

It might be useful to develop a strategy if you know you will have to make a decision soon. For example, if you need to evaluate how your team might best accomplish a business sales target, consider the size of your team and their decision-making ambitions. You may also look into what resources and supports could be available to help you and your team reach their objective.

  • Identify your Goal 

Keeping your focus on your objective is one of the most successful decision-making tactics. This involves determining the goal of your choice by asking yourself. What is the problem that has to be fixed? And why does this problem have to be solved?

Identifying what is most important to you will assist you in making sound decisions.

  • Weigh your all options

It is vital to obtain relevant information that is directly connected to the situation before making appropriate judgments. This will assist you in better understanding what has to be done in order to solve the problem, as well as in generating ideas for a possible solution.

When obtaining information, it is advisable to establish a list of all conceivable alternatives, even if they appear foolish or impractical at first.

  • Always foresee the consequences.

This is an important phase since it allows you to go over the advantages and disadvantages of the many possibilities you outlined in the previous step.
This phase is equally as crucial as the first since it will help you figure out how your ultimate decision will affect you and others. In this phase, you’ll ask yourself what the potential outcomes of your decision will be. What impact will it have now? What impact will it have on your future?

  • Review your  Decision

After you have made your final choice and put it into action, you must analyze the decision and the procedures you have taken to ensure that it works. This third stage is likely to be as significant as the first, if not more so because it will assist you in further developing your decision-making abilities for future challenges. This stage is especially critical since it may need the gathering of fresh information and the implementation of some adjustments along the road.

To Sum It Up

We all have to make a lot of decisions in our everyday lives. Some of these options involve minimal effort, while others necessitate more time and consideration before concluding decision-making. Remember that there are five essential stages to making effective decisions. Comprehending and recognizing a basic approach, as well as constantly exercising that strategy, is an important aspect of decision-making abilities. 

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