Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

by Amy Bridgewater

How do you gain more traffic on your newly built website? That is a tricky question and a hard one so to answer this question in a most simplified way is that you have to add more keywords in your content than the people are looking for. 

Keywords are the most important part of the content since they capture more visitors. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use these keywords in your content to display the most accurate result of what the other party has searched for. This increases more traffic on your website since your articles are showing on the top of the results.

When results are shown by search engines, 80% of people click on the first link that appears in front of them because they think that this is the most accurate answer to their content. If you want to have higher traffic meaning more visitors on your website you need to make sure that the content that you have uploaded on your website is exactly what other people are looking for.

How do keywords help?

Keywords help the search engines to pick the top result more accurately based on how legit they are. However, increasing the number of keywords is not the only thing that you have to worry about. When I have to search for something on Google and will click on the first website that appears legitimate to me but failed to answer the question that I have I will instantly go back and find another website. Every person does this and this ranks your website in lower ratings. So what’s the solution to all these problems? How can you rank your website and your keywords on the top?

The answer is very simple. The first thing that you need to make sure of is that your content is 100% accurate to the original headline of your article. You need to make sure that the information that is provided in there is accurate and well-written for other people to read and as a plus side, this also leaves a good impression on the reader of that content which earns you a good rating resulting in more clicks and higher traffic.

The second thing is to choose your keywords wisely as they act as the main source of attraction to other people. The wiser you choose the keywords in your article or any content the more likely they are to appear on the top.

Choosing the right keywords

The next question that comes here is how you can choose the wise keywords in your content. The answer is pretty simple to that question as well. You have to do complete research on your topic and have to look into what other people are currently searching in that topic as well. You can use what other people search for in the search engines that contain the questions of other people on that topic. Select the terms that are relevant to your topic and highlight them in your article or content for a more viewing possibility.

Here are some keyword research tools that will definitely help you guide your SEO plan:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Trends
  3. Search Console
  4. Ahrefs- Keyword Generator
  5. Ahrefs- Rank Checker
  6. Ahrefs- Keyword Explorer

In addition, you can also use the Google search tab to get an idea about commonly searched terms.

So, everything mentioned above should be enough to understand the basic concepts of keyword research and formulate your SEO and content strategy.

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