Breaking Out Of A Creative Rut: 10 Powerful Strategies

by Amy Bridgewater

So you’re sitting in front of your computer, gazing at a blank screen, and your creative side is as parched as the Kalahari desert. Some may refer to this as writer’s block, while others may refer to it as a creative rut. But whatever you name it, it’s frightening.

You’re not alone. When you aren’t stretched or challenged, you might become stuck in a creative rut. Most of us, though, will find ourselves in a creative rut at some time; you know the feeling: you’re annoyed, bored, and unable to come up with fresh and brilliant ideas. Not being stretched or challenged might lead to creative stagnation.

10 Powerful strategies to break out of a Creative Rut

Here are ten amazing strategies to help you to break out of your creative rut:

  • Take a peaceful break

Sometimes all we need is a quick break! Stopping in the middle of a task may feel uncomfortable, but allowing your mind to rest might increase your creativity afterward.

Make a date to look forward to. I’ve been taking a lot of tea breaks lately, which usually helps me relax and come back with a clear mind. Allow yourself to be present at the moment and allow your thoughts to roam. Even a 10-minute break will boost your creativity.

  • Do more of what you love to do outside of your creative persona

When everything appears to be the same, we might grow complacent and bored with our own efforts. Experiment on your own, try fresh perspectives, objects, approaches, and lighting. Experiment with things that are outside of your comfort zone. This won’t be your greatest work because you’ll be venturing into unfamiliar areas, but that’s good! You could discover something fresh that will reinvigorate your job.

  • Explore the work of other professionals

Taking time to admire the work of other creatives is one of the finest strategies to break out of a creative rut. I’m a marketing consultant, so when I’m stuck for ideas, I’ll watch YouTube videos of other professionals.

Allowing myself to completely absorb the creative abilities of other professionals who do what I do always leaves me feeling energized and motivated. However, I do not recommend restricting yourself to your creative domain.

  • Exercise without technology

When I’m experiencing writer’s block, I overthink. I rewrite sentences and paragraphs that are just fine and dandy, to begin with. I spend way too much time agonizing over the perfect pitch. I restructure stories that don’t need restructuring. 

If you’re experiencing some sort of obstacle that’s preventing yourself from doing what your talented self does best, chances are you need to get out of your head. My suggestion: go work out without your phone. 

  • Shake things up a little

Even if new things are difficult, even if they appear minor or trivial, modest adjustments can lead to larger changes over time. 

Doing the opposite of what you’ve been doing or attempting new things on a regular basis. Our capacity to look at things from as many diverse viewpoints as possible without repeating the same thing over and again enhances creativity.

  • Have a deep nap

You can utterly exhaust your thoughts. Our bodies, as much as our minds, require rest. A good night’s sleep is required to restore your thinking. When you’re well-rested, you’re better equipped to solve problems.

If you can, sleep. If not, attempt to get your sleeping routine back on track to ensure you receive enough rest. Make it a practice to go to bed earlier that night. That way, you’ll always have a full night’s sleep and be ready to face anything that comes your way the next morning 

  • Use the power of ambiguity to your advantage

On the one hand, I have this feeling. On the other hand, it is how I feel. Yin/Yang. Day/Night. Ebb/Flow. Winter/Summer. Life/Death. Dualities (or multiplicities) tug us in all directions, but you don’t have to be devoted to any one of them. Maintain your position in the middle and allow yourself to experience the clashing pressures. Create it!

  • Eliminate distractions

However it might sound, eliminating distractions is not easy. Distractions include everything from the doorbell of the pizza delivery guy to the Facebook notification beep you get on your phone. 

However, what you can do is to sit in a quiet place with no mobile phone with you to concentrate better.

  •  Consider the beat

If you have a tendency to write rhythmically, surrendering to the music in your head, fight the impulse and write against the beat (which, of course, creates its own unique rhythm!). If you lack natural rhythmic impulses in your writing, try to notice the lyrical essence of your words; experiment with repetition, and envision yourself singing your lines out loud.

  • Honesty vs. Obfuscation

What exactly are you trying to say? Is it more intriguing if you say it right away, or should you write around that issue or theme? Should your reader be enthralled by the fast punch or the delayed reveal? Both strategies can provide intriguing emotional outcomes. Test them out!

Everyone gets creative ruts. But the important part is how you need to get out of them and these 10 tips will help you do that.


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