How Do Influencers and Businesses Make Money on Snapchat?

by Amy Bridgewater

Snapchat was created in 2011 with the intention of allowing young people to share everyday pictures from their life. With more than 306 million daily active users and $2.5 billion in yearly revenue, the platform has evolved into a powerhouse for online advertisers.

Influencers hoping to build a following and a business have flocked to the platform. What is their source of income? On social media sites, people may quickly interact with their prospects and make money.

Snapchat, like most other social media networks, allows its users to earn money online. 

You must understand where to start.

Create your public profile

However, you must first establish a Public Profile. It is the first step. Fortunately, even if your profile is public, you may still have a section for your pals, which is separate from the public following.


How to grow your Snapchat following?

Snapchat has a lot of promise as a business. The platform can be quite profitable, especially if you target generation Z, which accounts for at least 70% of all users.

So, are you interested in learning how to make money with Snapchat? You’ve arrived! The amount of Snapchat views you have is a big factor in how much money you make on the app. Take advantage of these fantastic opportunities to make some cash.


Get Paid to Promote Your Story on other Social Media sites

Allowing other companies to sponsor your stories is the most obvious method to make money on Snapchat. Influencers are the most common users of this feature, which is akin to enabling businesses to fund Instagram stories.

You may utilize your Snapchat account to advertise and sell content goods to your followers, such as e-books, video courses, and audio programs. You will grow your clients and sales if you generate outstanding material and content, then design and advertise it properly.


Increase Sales by Promoting Your Own Products or Services

Promoting your own products or services is another simple method to get income on Snapchat. Instead of paying to reach an audience with Snapchat advertisements, you may use the audience you already have by posting links to products, services, or downloadable assets you offer.


Make Your Own Geo-filter for Your Business

Snapchat users may apply location-based stickers to indicate their current position using geo-filters.

Starbucks, for example, created multiple geo-filters according to days or events that only appeared when consumers were close to a Starbucks shop.

Become a Spotlight Star

Snapchat Spotlight is a selection of the most interesting snaps from users all over the world. This can help you grow your Snapchat reach and generate revenue. To be featured on Spotlight, make a Snap and then select “Spotlight” from the “Send to” menu. Keep in mind that everything on Spotlights is open to the public, so anybody may see it.

Use Sponsored Lenses

Snapchat lenses are interactive augmented reality filters that may be used by users. Lenses, as opposed to filters, allow users to digitally “touch” or play with things in augmented reality.

Besides being cool, sponsored lenses may be shared with a carefully selected audience. Advertisements targeting specific demographics (such as age and gender) or topics that users commonly interact with may be created by businesses. Snapchat will even guarantee that a certain number of users will use a lens, making it a good investment.

Other Products to Consider (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate program expertise is needed to promote affiliate content on Snapchat if you utilize affiliate links on your site. If that’s the case, just include your affiliate links in your snaps to reach a larger audience.

You’ll need to identify an affiliate partner and start developing content if you aren’t currently using affiliate marketing. What is the mechanism behind it? Essentially, you use a specific URL to advertise other businesses’ items, and you get a cut of the revenues when friends utilize your link. While it might take some time to acquire a following, it can also be quite profitable.

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