How Gratitude Can Make You More Creative and Innovative

by Amy Bridgewater

Gratitude counteracts worry and fear by enabling sentiments of grace, well-being, and optimism to flow. Gratitude and innovative problem-solving have been linked in scientific investigations. When we feel well, we are more able to solve issues and come up with new ideas for action.


Gratitude Defined

According to psychologist and UC Davis professor Robert Emmons, gratitude has two components. For starters, it’s a reminder that there are wonderful things in the world. This is not to say that we deny reality, but rather that we embrace the dualities of life, recognizing that there may be both obstacles, responsibilities, and sufferings, as well as gifts and advantages. It’s about taking a step back and looking at our life as a whole, seeking kindness wherever we may find it.


Year-Round Suggestions for Practicing Gratitude

Practicing thankfulness throughout the year, rather than just during the holidays, may have a good, long-term influence on your creativity and career. Building a sustainable habit can begin with basic measures integrated into your current life, including:


1. Switch your focus 

Gratitude may begin simply by having an effort to search for things to be grateful for in your day-to-day life rather than concentrating on the bad elements of your job. For example, if a challenging situation develops at work, you may be thankful that you can deal with it or have the authority to change it.


2. Making growth requires a healthy inner work life

People conclude the day feeling more intrinsically motivated turned on by their interest in and enjoyment of the task when they have made meaningful progress in work that matters to them. There is a lot of data that shows that those who are more intrinsically driven are more likely to be creative.

This means that if your subordinates have accomplished something significant, they may be more open to new, hard tasks that require ingenuity. In other words, after a period of remarkable achievement, they should be especially keen to tackle difficult challenges and devise novel solutions.


3. Negativity must be avoided

The people we interact with and the places in which we spend our time have an impact on us. Begin by rephrasing negative self-talk. 

For example, “I can’t get the hang of it,” maybe reframed as “This is difficult, but I’m learning, I’ll get the hang of it.” Consider how to address any relationships or environments that are governed by negativity. You may express thankfulness and observe if the tone of talk changes, you could face the negativity immediately, or you could leave the setting. If you are unable to withdraw because it is at work, you might create limits such as refusing to join in bad gossip.


4. Maintain your integrity 

Yes, there is generally something to be thankful for, but don’t force it. Make every effort to convey your thanks while remaining cognizant of the difficulties that arise. Your thankfulness does not eliminate your situation’s obstacles, difficulties, or reality, but it may provide a foundation for resilience as you go forward.


5. Improve your Heart Intelligence

One HeartMath-inspired exercise I’ve adopted is to rest my palm on my heart and focus on breathing into it while repeating the word “Gratitude.” I generally notice an immediate shift in energy. You may do this at any moment, even while walking, and with a little skill, you can just focus on your breath while invoking thankfulness within. More appreciation techniques may be found on the HeartMath website.

To appreciate is to be grateful for what one receives. Gratitude allows you to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t. Every day, find something to admire, no matter how tiny.


Developing a gratitude practice requires time and effort, but the power of gratitude can change your attitude about your job and make the process more creative, imaginative, and satisfying all year long, not just around the holidays.


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