How to Become Instagram Famous?

by Amy Bridgewater

It’s almost 2022 and Instagram is the king platform for social media influencers and bloggers. Ten years back when I started working on online marketing, who thought that being an ‘influencer’ can bring in money and thriving on social media can become a business. But look here we are!

With over 1 billion monthly users and tons of creative tools, Instagram is quite a competitive place if you want to enhance your social media presence and boost your following.

What’s the metric of Instagram popularity? The number of followers! Well, I don’t consider it a popularity metric, but yes of course you must have done something to get a huge fan following.

To get noticed, many people simply buy the followers. What’s the use of a dead fan base anyway? So, if you’re thinking of going this way, discard the idea already.

Despite how it might seem, being popular on a social app is not easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy at all. There is a lot of hard work that goes in combined with the time spent on that. 

So let’s look into some ways that have worked to gain popularity on the photo-sharing app.

Interesting Content

Create content that is interesting and can engage the audience. Whoever you are, a singer, musician, actor, or photographer, just show the world what you’ve got. Keep your content unique, miscellaneous, and interesting. This can be a great opportunity to show your creativity and talent. 

@hankgreen is a great Instagram account you can follow for unique and funny content ideas.


To get a huge chunk of followers you need to post frequently, even if you receive no response at the start. Share your content in posts and Instagram stories as well.

The best opportunity to gain followers is to use plenty of #hashtags. Using relevant hashtags is the best way to gain more reach. You can find the best ones for you in the Instagram search bar.

Brand collaborations

Brand collaborations are very important for your Instagram profile, especially if you want to get paid. Many brands can connect you for their promotion. You can outreach them yourself as well. It’s a great opportunity, so do give it a try.

Be connected with your followers

When your audience comments on your posts, be thankful to them and keep replying to their feedback. It will make a good impression on your followers, and they will become more interested in your content. There is an option of “Ask Me a Question” on Instagram stories on which your followers can ask questions about you and give feedback about your content.

Photo: @justins

Replying to them also gives a nice impression to your followers. They will feel appreciated and would return for future engagement. 

Timing of your post

The views and likes on your posts depend upon at what time you are posting. You can also take help from the Instagram Insights feature, to find out the time when the majority of your audience is active on your post. You can also experiment by posting different times per day to check the views and timing. 

Engage with more influencers

Make sure to collaborate with more influencers. This is not to ignite any rivalry; instead, you can make new friends with other Instagrammers. Plan content and campaigns with them and utilize them as an opportunity to attract the followers that your fellow influencer holds. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Following the trends

Every influencer is following or creating trends. Someone is up on fashion, food, singing, sharing different memes, or any kind of entertainment that the majority of the audience loves.

You might remember the popular ‘‘Bottle Cap Challenge.’’ Keep an eye on similar trends. Once you find one of these viral trends, get creative with them. You can even become a trendsetter and create your own trends as well!

Trying other social media platforms

Your audience is also available on many other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You have to maintain an active presence over there as well to gain more followers. Keep sharing what you share on Instagram to the other platforms as well simultaneously for good engagement.

These tips might seem easy when you read them, but they require time and effort. If you are not committed enough and lose your cool seeing the same number of followers every month, you’ll not make it that far.

You just need to stay consistent. If the followers are not increasing, this means that the audience is not connecting with you and this consequently means that you need to try something different. So, be creative and keep figuring out and we’re sure that your profile will gain traction.

Good luck on the journey!                    

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