How to Create a Killer YouTube Ad That Dominates the Competition

by Amy Bridgewater

Here at our agency, one of our favorite marketing channels right now is YouTube advertising. Visuals are not only popular with customers, but they are also a low-cost investment for businesses. When done right, YouTube advertising may generate a lot of brand awareness, leads, and conversions.

So let’s get started! The following are the top 7 strategies that our team employs to build a fantastic YouTube ad that outperforms the competition:


1. Duration of the video

The length of your YouTube ad is really important. People aren’t provided enough information since it’s too brief. People become bored if you keep them waiting for too long. As a result, limit your video between 30 and 60 seconds in length.

Why? After the 60-second point, 80 percent of viewers abandon a video. However, you’ll want to make your movie at least 30 seconds lengthy so that you only pay for “true views,” which include those who watch for more than 30 seconds. So, you’ve got those 29 items.


2. Background

When it comes to advertising, people respond best to softer tones. As a result, be sure to utilize brighter backgrounds in your YouTube ad. The color white is always the winner. Using white or other soft hues resulted in a 10.44 percent boost in opt-ins in a Digital Marketer test. Who wouldn’t want that?


3. Targeting is the fourth step

Your content, like anything else in marketing, is worthless unless it’s seen by the proper people. So you want to be certain that your YouTube ad reaches your target customers.

You have a few choices here. You may pick people’s age, gender, and other characteristics if you target demographics.


4. Use humor

It’s no surprise that YouTube advertising for Old Spice, Dollar Shave Club, and other brands receives a lot of attention. They’re just funny!

Google experimented with ten different tones for YouTube advertising to discover which one people preferred. You may also target people who have seen your competitor’s advertisements, those who look for great videos about your sector on YouTube, people with certain hobbies, and a whole lot more. 


5. The Logo of the Company

If your brand’s logo isn’t on your product, don’t use it in the first 5 seconds of your YouTube ad. Quick logo placement appears spammy and makes visitors want to leave.

For example, most of the most popular YouTube commercials don’t reveal their logo until at least 5 seconds have passed. 


6. CTA

15 seconds into the video, insert your CTA. If you believe that individuals who don’t skip will watch at least 30 seconds of your YouTube commercial, the CTA should be roughly halfway through. Then, until the video is finished, maintain your CTA on the screen. Here’s a great example:

7. Run a Campaign

Make a YouTube campaign, not simply a YouTube commercial. This indicates you must invest in YouTube advertising, create a stunning landing page that people are sent to when they click on your ad (learn more about landing pages and why you should use them), and embed the ad in related blog articles, among other things. This is actually three tips in one!



YouTube marketing entails a lot of work. Creating an advertisement needs a significant amount of strategy, preparation, time, and execution. However, if you get there and follow these seven steps, you’ll be well on your way to great outcomes.


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