How To Lead Your Team Remotely?

by Amy Bridgewater

Work environments are developing, changing, and re-structuring to keep things moving. As a leader or director, your team might be turning significantly more virtual, working remotely to embrace their work and connection with their team. 

You will be relied upon to deal with this entirely different scenario similarly as you would in person in a similar space. This might sound challenging initially but nothing you can’t handle. 

So, take my lead with these tips in overseeing a team working at home. These rules helped me in managing my team virtually.

Be more supportive 

Being supportive is consistently important. It’s harder to show support from a distance; you need to provide strength and comfort from where you are. Send messages of help and appreciation, and let individuals know you’re there to assist them, to help them with whatever new issues emerge. 

Lead With Trust 

To lead a remote team properly, you should believe your team to do that for which they were recruited. Make sure to follow up on the task every individual is doing, ask yourself how they might feel about achieving the objectives you’ve set for them, and afterward react and oversee appropriately. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Why do any of us work in a team rather than separately? Since together we’re more powerful instead of working individually.  Each colleague brings ability and viewpoint, not least an additional set of hands, so make sure that the team all in all is energized whilst also focused on the goal at hand.

 Assuming that everybody is in total agreement, knows what their jobs and responsibilities are while all holding the shared goal of the team as a top priority. It will make the workflow smooth and consistent.

Ask Questions, and Listen

Hallmarks of great leadership entirely depend on effective communication. Communication isn’t simply ‘talking’; however, it’s undeniably more significant how you listen and respond. Without in-person contact, you miss significant hints. Listening is at the center of the ability to understand individuals on a profound level. Effectively asking questions not just assists you with better comprehending your virtual workers, however, causes them to feel more esteemed as well. The leaders should be well aware of how clearly they speak and whatever they say is precise and understood by their team.

Be sure to let employees know from the beginning exactly what your expectations are of them and their role, specifically when it comes to:

  • Availability. Clearly communicate once you expect them to be ‘online’ by phone, text, email, chat, or otherwise. And once they aren’t available, explain that they have to speak this beforehand.
  • Productivity. Explain the shared and measurable goals in no uncertain terms to end the temptation to micromanage.
  • Meetings. If there are mandatory meetings that virtual employees are going to be expected to attend, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, explain these expectations beforehand.

Hearing their Feedback

 You are not a boss, you’re a leader! Accordingly, it is significant that you require some time to hear your worker’s interests, ideas, concerns, and thoughts for further developing collaboration or whatever else besides. Being a leader isn’t tied in with being bossy, obviously, you need the work done.

However, trust me the best supervisors are those that make open communication. Address them, and urge them to voice their viewpoint. They may very well say something that makes you change your way to deal with the board. Continuously tune in, adjust, and survey your advancement as things push ahead with your business.

Be Observant

We commonly consider being attentive as a visual ability, which is actually much more than that. Attentive leaders utilize every one of their faculties to observe. It is in this “focusing” that far-off leaders can check out victories and challenges people are having when working from a distance.

Lead from the inside

Working away from the workplace is the new normal, for some time. As a leader, you can assist with ensuring that everybody in your team stays effective in this season of progress.

These were the most basic tips which I used to lead a team remotely and it really worked for me, now it’s your turn.


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