How To Pull Content Ideas From What’s Trending On YouTube

by Amy Bridgewater

Are you a newbie on YouTube and want to gain your recognition? Or are you short on content ideas but need to hit your target? Or do you want to create compelling content on YouTube but are not sure where to get the next idea from? Keep reading as this post contains some exciting and intriguing YouTube video ideas.

The constant struggle to stay on trend and the fear of missing out might lead to bad decisions when creating content and putting it out. YouTube has a vast scope, and there’s no shortage of ways to explore ideas and bring them to your YouTube. You need to spend some time researching and discovering the interests of your audience.

Why Are Trending Topics Important For Your YouTube Videos?

If you plan to create new videos on YouTube or make your channel, search for the “top trends.” Trending topics make excellent content ideas and can easily excite viewers. Having the basic knowledge about top trends makes it easier to rank your content on Google search and have more people view your channel.

As most YouTube content creators are not aware of this idea, they only keep working on the “keywords”, creating less competition. When there are a hundred videos on the same topic, the viewer might skim them all, but when they’re only a few, this will bring your content more views and engagements. Remember, new trends always attract viewers, and there’s always scope to add to the content.

Ways To Find The Best Trending YouTube Ideas:

Some topics never bore the viewers and are always on the YouTube top trends. You need to find the interests of your audience and link them to your interests. Once you’ve scrutinized your video ideas, move forward with the following techniques to gain everyone’s interest.

Use YouTube’s Trending Tab:

The easiest way to find the Trending videos for your next content is by searching on YouTube’s Trending tab. This section on YouTube keeps updating every 15 minutes and ranks videos that are currently trending in your country based on its popularity. You can keep a look at these trends and follow what’s going on.

Though trending isn’t perfect as it may not show the same videos to all viewers in the same country, it can still give you ideas to apply to your content.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a free search analysis site that is considered significant for market analysis. If searched comprehensively, this site has a lot of valuable content. You can use this search to search for your own country or see the latest worldwide trends. Google Trends can help you with that.

  • Compare similar videos and create a stand-up against your competitors.
  • Search for the audience’s choice about your niche and create related subtopics.
  • Manage your YouTube by tallying with what’s happening on YouTube.

Using Tools:

Many tools focus mainly on making YouTube better by providing YouTube-focused keywords and trending topics. Some of which include: 

This tool offers unique features and keyword research options to help you develop viable new ideas. This tool offers you free methods to search for the most searched topics on YouTube. They also have a paid version that works best for bulk processing, video SEO, promotion tools and productivity.

It also has an extension for Chrome.

This tool contains everything that a creator would need to build their channel. This tool has made it easier to search for the relevant keywords and find trending tags that give you instant views. 

Google Keyword Planner:

This tool is considered the best online tool for keyword searches for your upcoming projects. You can switch to expert mode and start camping, where you can view all the statistics, important information, and search volume of that keyword as per your geographical location.

Cherry-pick Ideas From Comments Section:

The comments section can be toxic at times, making you want to switch off commenting on your YouTube videos. But this section can also be of great value as you might find some great value in this section. Most viewers ask questions, give suggestions or sometimes mention the topic that they want to see.

You can cherry-pick comments and make videos answering those queries or suggestions. You can also do this in your competitor’s comments section. Check what they’re doing, what their audience is demanding and make them your audience by fulfilling their needs.

Some All-Time Popular YouTube Channels:

Although these tips mentioned above can almost solve your “how to find trending topics on YouTube” issue, it can get overwhelming for some beginners. Here’s a list of some popular YouTube channel ideas that might help you get started:

  • Unboxing Videos
  • Challenges
  • Pranks 
  • Q&A videos 
  • What’s in My bag videos 
  • Lifehacks
  • Remedies 

You can start a YouTube channel with your proficient skills and choose any popular YouTube channel ideas. These ideas can strike gold if done correctly. Just make sure to keep your content funny or sensible as per the required genre.

A Final Tip:

YouTube is a great way to share your content, grow your audience and make the most of it. You need to find suitable topics that make you stay ahead of your competitors and create fresh content that your audience cares about. Combine the tools mentioned above, gain more traffic on your channel and help it grow.

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