How to Use Facebook Business Suite: What Marketers Need To Know

by Amy Bridgewater

Marketers and small business owners have been seeking ways to make the two platforms operate better together since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012. Sure, you could cross-promote your content from one channel to the next, but it’s always been a pain and typically requires the use of another tool.

Around the same time, Facebook unveiled its newest management platform, Facebook Business Suite, which is aimed to make managing a small business’s presence on Facebook and other social media platforms easier and faster.

By offering a single platform from which small companies can access and monitor their social inboxes, post engagement, and analytics, Facebook Business Suite helps small businesses keep up with the rising demand for their online presence while also saving time.

The design makes it simple to:

  • To maintain compliance, keep up with changes to rules, guidelines, and terms of service.
  • Respond to comments easily
  • As they come, nurture takes the lead.
  • Create, plan, and publish material that is in line with the company’s goals and mission.
  • Examine the efficacy of the material being shared and its financial impact.

The Facebook Pages Manager app has been replaced by the mobile app. You’ll be asked to opt into the Facebook Business Suite app if you try to log into the Facebook Pages Manager app.

You’ll need to go through a brief setup step before you can start using Facebook Business Suite to streamline your social media management.


Create a Facebook Business Account 

Select “Create a Facebook Business Account” at When you’re finished, type in the name of your business account and click “Next.”


Go to your Facebook and Instagram accounts and select them

You have the option to add your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You won’t be able to pick an account that belongs to someone else if you’re managing it. It is necessary to change an Instagram account to a business or creator account before selecting it.


Examine Your Company’s Account

Click “Confirm” after you’re satisfied with your choices and who has access to your Business Suite. After that, Facebook will lead you to your dashboard overview, where you can begin using all of the platform’s functions.


Useful Facebook Business Suite Tools

Let’s take a closer look at what the platform can do for you and how it can help your business.


Keep an eye on your inbox

In one place with the inbox function, you can see all of your Instagram and Facebook in the Business Suite. Brew some coffee, set out 30-minutes on your calendar, and answer almost everything all at once.


  • How about DMs (direct messages)? You’ll find it here as well.
  • Have you installed the Facebook chat widget on your site? You can also manage all of your messages from here.
  • Are you tired of answering the same question every day? You may develop automatic responses to your commonly requested queries using Business Suite.

Discover New Perspectives

There are a number of free and paid programs that display Facebook and Instagram statistics, but few can match the platform’s built-in feature. You can get the most recent data for all of your accounts with Business Suite.

Gone are the days of switching between applications or entering and exiting specific postings. You can see an overview of how your material is performing overtime on the Insights dashboard, and organize your articles by:


  • reactions and likes
  • comments
  • results 
  • cost per result 
  • clicks 
  • recent 
  • content

The Audience area of Insights is one of the most intriguing elements. It divides your current audience into two groups for both platforms, allowing you to observe at a glance:


  • top countries 
  • by age and gender 
  • towns and cities

What you’re seeing doesn’t appeal to you? Select the “filter” option and narrow the results further on the following bases.


  • Location
  • Interests 
  • Language


Stories and Posts

Business Suite allows you to write and schedule all of your articles and stories in one spot.

The hashtag tool is one of my favorite elements in the “New Post” box. It displays which hashtags are popular, how many posts have used a certain tag, and allows you to store your favorites for later.

You can create Instagram and Facebook posts at the same time while in Create mode. You can even preview how your post will appear on both platforms.


Don’t want to have Facebook Ad Manager open in a new tab? From the Business Suite, you can keep track of your ad performance and develop advertising.

It’s yet another time saving that helps you to monitor how you’re progressing toward your objectives. You may view the following information on the dashboard:


  • page likes 
  • reach 
  • post engagement 
  • link 
  • clicks

To examine your results over the previous 90, 60, 30, and 7 days, switch between the different filter views.

To create an ad, click the blue “Create Ad” button in the upper right corner. A pop-up will appear, guiding you through the process of creating a creative that converts.

Make Appointments for Your Company

The appointment planner is one of the most crucial components of an online company. Make use of Facebook’s advantages if you operate a service-based business and allow your customers to book straight through the platform.


Instant Forms Can Help You Generate Leads

Is lead generation a big part of your business? Use Facebook’s Instant Forms to get started.

What are Instant Forms, and how do you use them? Consider it a mini-CRM system. You may construct custom forms for people to fill out without leaving the site when you post an ad and select your goal to find leads.


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