How to Use Pinterest for Business; 5 Strategies You Need to Know

by Amy Bridgewater

In case you’ve been using Pinterest for daily inspiration on DIY stuff only, you are ignoring a very powerful platform for marketing. And it is about time that you start to consider bringing your brand on this popular visual platform. 

On Pinterest, users can upload and save images on virtual pinboards. With more than 70 million active members on the site, Pinterest has evolved from simply a platform to post images of all types, including photos of products and places of interest, to a front-and-center shopping experience with millions of sales generated each month. 

This is because more pinners are using the site to research products before making purchases. More than 80% of pins link back to an external e-commerce website containing more information about the product or store from where it was linked. That’s only one-factor driving businesses to increase adoption of Pinterest as an online sales platform.

So, let’s see how your brand can benefit from Pinterest:

1. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy:

Based on your brand, you need to formulate a marketing strategy. Find out your Pinterest competitors, learn what they are doing to promote their products. Identify your target audience and what kind of content interests them the most.
Having a clear brand strategy at the beginning will help you make well-informed decisions in the future.

2. Pin engaging content:

Content is always the king. When building your Pinterest board, keep in mind that you don’t have to post all your content on one board. Make sure the posts you decide to pin are relevant. Think about how you can relate the content that you want to share with your boards. Determine which board the content is related to and make sure the title is appealing enough for people to click through.

Things you need to keep in mind to create good pins:

  • Use good quality images and videos
  • Write good titles and descriptive content. They are good for SEO

  • Use links and make sure that your links work, so that your visitors could be redirected
  •  Try different Pin formats. Your options include images, videos, and carousels. 

3. Optimize your pin for SEO:

Pinterest is a search engine, so make sure your brand’s pins are easy to find in a search. Please make sure the descriptions of your pins contain relevant keywords, include inboard descriptions, and use relevant hashtags.

4. Track Your Pinterest Metrics:

Having a good understanding of your audience’s preferences is crucial to making the best design decisions for your brand. One way to get a better sense of what your customers want to see on Pinterest is by reviewing the performance metrics that are provided to Pinterest users with official Business accounts.

With Pinterest Analytics, you can see which of your pins are getting the most attention from your visitors. Pinterest now offers a range of in-app analytics associated with your profile, including impressions, content performance, and traffic analysis for both your website and blog where relevant.

5. Try out different Pinterest ads to promote your business: 

Another effective way to market your business on Pinterest is by using promoted content. This includes promoting a pin from your profile which will drive traffic directly back to a webpage on your site. Or the option of creating a collection about a new product or service with promoted pins. Users can join the collection from anywhere on their phones. 

Promoted videos are another great option as these can be used to bring more attention to certain products you’re looking to sell. In addition, promoted boards let you show off seasonal deals that are guaranteed to grab viewers’ attention.

 So, try these strategies and make your business stand out on Pinterest.


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