If You Want to Keep Your Best Talent From Quitting, Don’t Make One of These Mistakes

by Amy Bridgewater

“I’m tired. I want to quit.”

Years back, this is what I suddenly heard from job applicants. I was frustrated and was willing to offer a better package to keep them with the company. Higher salaries, more flexible working hours, or promotions. I raise questions about the anxiety associated with finding a new job and not being able to change with all these depressing interviews. But it was too late. The person has decided to leave and there is nothing I can do about it.

I tried some new and interesting ways which really improved the above-mentioned situation. So in this post, I’ve suggested ways which you can do to keep your best talent from leaving your organization.


Lack of communication

Poor communication may be the main reason the best employees leave, but it’s easy to fix. Simple changes to the way you work at work, such as replying to employee emails within 24 hours, would be of great help. 

Another solution is to keep track of jobs and keep track of employees by conducting weekly surveys. This is also a good time to keep track of what’s going on at work. Remember, this action is essential for effective communication. Employees often do not contact them because they do not want to be disappointed, which can be a significant concern for them. If your employees can’t speak to you publicly, they won’t be confident. If an employee is not confident, he is not confident in his or her job.

No future for them in the company

One of the reasons your best employees leave is because they don’t see the future in the company itself. If your people aren’t working towards their career or business goals, they probably aren’t looking for a bright future. This is a sure sign that your work is nearing a dead end. 

No one wants to be a sailor for five years with the only job of scrubbing the deck. Employees need to see themselves and the workplace move forward, and you owe it to them. Remember to develop your business by developing your best talent.


Overworking employees

It never burns out enough to overuse the best employees. Good overworked employees tend to be confused because they feel punished for their great achievements. If you need to increase the workload of the best employees, you also need to increase their position.

Employees take on bigger jobs, but they don’t stay if their work chokes them in the process. Be sure to include salary increases, promotions, and title changes in addition to the increased workload. Just add them to your workload without changing other aspects and they will find another job that gives them what they deserve.


Employees are not recognized

Employee perceptions have proven to be crucial to employee satisfaction and thus loyalty. It takes a few minutes to realize the positive things employees are doing to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

Recognize their contribution as an individual by thanking them for how they improved the atmosphere of the office. Recognize their contribution to the work by commenting on what went well with recent projects. Example: “I made this customer presentation great, especially how well you handled this question.” Thank you for your contribution to the company. “Thank you for being a great accountant..” It’s very easy to thank them.

Career Opportunities

The best employees want to make professional progress. You are motivated by opportunities for progress and the opportunity to undertake more demanding work. Employees who play the same role for a long time are more likely to retire. In fact, the chances of an employee staying in one position increase by 1% every 10 months. 

For many companies, policies regarding the frequency and type of promotion, as well as other factors, influence the ability to offer a promotion. Even if employees deserve more responsibilities, their employers may not be able to fulfill them. Often, these situations are not communicated to employees, or if they are, they are perceived as barn tactics. Correspondingly, these employees are looking for opportunities elsewhere.


Managing employees is never easy and seeing some of your A+ employees walkout can be hurtful. However, it’s important to consider why the commitment did not work out. Remember that appreciation and understanding the employee is really important. Because I understood this later on, so I’m trying to make it easy for you people.





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