Marketing on Instagram: How to Convert Followers into Customers

by Amy Bridgewater

Instagram has grown from a little startup into a social platform with more than 700 million users who share 400 million photos in 100 different languages each day. Consequently, as an effective marketing channel for brands, Instagram continues to gain traction and popularity among businesses large and small. For marketers looking to understand and implement relevant, and successful campaigns on the platform, we’ve compiled the top 6 actionable tips you need to know right now:

  • Get your audience interested

One way you can get the attention of new customers is by participating in social media campaigns. Find social media campaigns to get people talking about your brand. Rather than posting a picture of your product, create an interesting interview with one of your employees to post on YouTube. This will get potential customers watching intently and want to know more.

Here’s a great example of such marketing:

  • Be original

One certain thing is that potential customers can be overloaded with boring content. Invest time and money into developing innovative, unique engagement strategies for your customers and take a chance by creating a video series that followers can look forward to or hire artists to create unique content you know they actually will find interesting. 

If you can take time out of your day or hire someone who knows what they’re doing to come up with original engagement strategies. Then you are already on the right path to becoming known for being unique. It’s important not only to be creative but also to be head-turning when it comes to making something new because it just might be all people need to remember your brand name.

  • Offers promotions to your customers

Instagram giveaways are a huge success! Mention your rules and include a prize. I’ve even been guilty of tagging 5 friends in a desperate attempt to win giveaways but sadly I’ve never been that lucky.

Here’s a giveaway offered by SheaMoisture:

  • Promote customers’ experience

Customers’ shopping experience and overall brand reputation may wind up standing between you and achieving true product marketing success. If you manage a watch company that offers custom warranty services or free exchanges, one way to spread the word about your stellar service is to follow up on the character of your satisfied customers via social media. Let your fans and followers know how happy they can expect to be if they end up buying products from your store.

You can even gather all the reviews and feature them your story Highlights, like this:

  • Be active in the community

By following and engaging with influential users in your communities, you can gain exposure among potential customers. Determine the content your potential customers are interested in and find people who have a lot of influence.

Starbucks does quite of marketing on such user-generated content:

  • Individually reach out to all followers

Send personalized messages to your followers about your new products or upcoming deals. Mention how they are saying something relevant to them or respond to one of their comments. If you’re people-person enough, you might even want to pass out free samples or promotional deals! Encourage them to share your content with their friends and family and spread the word on things they like on social media by engaging and conversing with them  kindly and freely.

Instagram offers plenty of options, so get creative!

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