The Project Management Skills Gap: What It Is and How to Solve It

by Amy Bridgewater

Processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience are all used in project management. It’s a method for achieving a project’s goal in accordance with the set of criteria. Even the best-planned initiatives and competent resources have been known to fail due to unexpected changes in the external environment. Rapid technology change, new market trends, and global economic fluctuations are all conceivable changes that could affect them. Uncertainty is an inevitable part. 

In addition to external problems, internal challenges can sometimes lead the project in an unexpected route. Even if the manager is extremely skilled, the project will not be completed due to a lack of suitable training. This is primarily due to the disparity. The gap might be caused by a lack of project management skills, a lack of team skills, or any individual in the team.

Only if the gap is appropriately detected can it be filled. We’ll look at the project management gap in this article and how you can solve it in more detail later.

Why does the project management gap exist? 

The project management gap is caused by a variety of factors, all of which have an impact on the overall project. The following are some possible explanations:

1. Project management is a difficult task. Taking the entire team as one unit requires a great deal of planning and execution. Aside from that, as a project manager, you must be aware of your team’s capabilities. Though it is a difficult undertaking, if completed correctly, it might yield positive results.

Project management requires many approaches to a variety of difficulties at the same time. If someone on your team has no formal education, you’ll need a quick strategy. To achieve the desired goal, you must be polite while also being influential as a manager.

2. The second gap that arises when managing a project is gathering everyone willing to take on the task. This is by far the most common scenario. This circumstance worries the manager since, at some point, even the most skilled manager will be unable to move the project forward if the team does not allow it due to a lack of skill.

If the team is there, the manager will either fail to attain the target or will have to put forth an extra effort and go the extra mile to do so. It refers to a manager’s leadership abilities.

3. The third gap exists and is on the employee side, not in the leadership. Even if the employees have great skills, there is a gap due to internal factors such as a lack of dedication, strength, and unwillingness to change. Project execution is nearly difficult if the employees aren’t the ones going through the procedure.

These are the three most typical factors that contribute to project management gaps. It placed a significant burden on the organization’s HR, trainer, and leader to find a solution in any way possible.


How to bridge these gaps? 

The following steps can be performed to close the gap:

  • Assist your team in expanding their skill set. It is possible to do so by including the team in a variety of training and activities.
  • If you train your entry-level and new employees effectively, they can be a valuable asset to your organization. You can work on them because they have no project management experience.
  • Enroll your staff in courses to offer them relevant project management skills on a regular basis.
  • Allow staff to put their knowledge into practice.
  • Involve every employee from the start to ensure that they understand the entire process.

Project management is a collaborative job rather than a solo effort. It all comes down to leadership. As a result, equipping your employees with the appropriate training can improve total team effort, job satisfaction, and performance.


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