Your Biggest SEO Challenge For 2022

by Amy Bridgewater

Talk about living in the future! As our world continues to change, big data is everywhere, and digital marketing is more complicated than ever. SEO continues to evolve every second. But the most challenging change to come is the increase in large search engine algorithms vs. smaller, geographic-specific algorithms. 

Going with these large geographic algorithms means you’ll need to rethink your SEO strategy for the future. The bigger your audience, the greater the challenges will be. To help you, I will share the biggest SEO challenges for the year 2022.

We’ve been hearing a lot about Google changing its algorithm and how it could lead to the death of SEO as we know it. So, let’s just assume that’s true. Your biggest challenge in 2022 will be maintaining relevance in the top 10 top-ranking spots in Google in spite of all the SEO algorithm changes in 2022. It’s not what you think it is. And here’s what you need to know.

How can we say that SEO is the Biggest Challenge for 2022?

Google wasn’t the first Search Engine. We used Yahoo, Altavista, or Lycos as well. It proves that Search Engine Optimization existed a long ago. We know the main purpose of SEO to date is to display the best content on the first page. But now algorithms are changed. The things we need to know are how we can compete for the biggest SEO challenge for 2022. Let me explain you by giving a random example: 

Let’s consider you want to analyze the keyword “black Friday sale” Now look that statics provided by Ubersuggest: 

According to it, the “black Friday sale” gets searched 90,500 times a month in the United States. Now have a look at the results there are competing for that term:

It’s almost three billion! According to the obtained results, we can say that every single person searching for this term will find numerous results to choose from. This is because it is becoming harder and harder to rank on the first page. 


How can you solve it?

The World’s total population is roughly 7.9 million, and you will be shocked knowing that there are more than 1.7 million websites with 1 billion blogs. If we talk about content, almost 7.5 million articles are published every day, which means 2.7 billion articles are being published in a year! 


What to do now?

As mentioned earlier, the trend of SEO is getting worse because there is much more content available than people searching for it. You have to make your content in such a way that Google considers it as a prime pickup. 

SEO is getting more challenging doesn’t mean that it’s dead. It still works. Focus on writing quality content. Make your content unique and worthy to read. We cannot stop others from making content but can work on improving our writing skills. What I’m trying to say is to create content that makes it different from others.


Final words

If you wish to perform well in 2022, focus on providing high quality. The foundation of your website is its quality content, whether it’s a blogging site or for your business. Google ranks the websites by examining the quality and links being used in the content.

Make sure people are interested in reading the niche you are creating. It’s a good idea to have a look at what people are searching for by using several SEO tools. Get into the race and display your expertise! 


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